So You Got Into Law School, What Now? E-Book

So You Got Into Law School, What Now? E-Book

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So You Got Into Law School, What Now? is a fun and easy to read 44 page e-book covering everything you need to know about becoming a lawyer and navigating law school from first year through to your final year. But don’t take our word for it! Here is one of our happy readers talking about their favourite chapters:

“I have two fave chapters - “the typical law student journey” and “study methods and tips”. I think having an outline of the expectations each year is really good, it helped to put some things in perspective for me. And the study tips, particularly in regard to finding your learning style, are so useful - learning how to study more effectively is something that’s super important to me and many others I know as well!” - Olivia, law student.

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This easy to read e-book includes:

  • what to expect at law school;

  • the typical law student journey over the entire degree;

  • study methods and tips (including for exams, assignments, legal research and interpreting cases and legislation);

  • general law school tips;

  • tips on getting legal work experience, including writing a CV and cover letter;

  • types of legal careers; and

  • more.