How to cram for exams

Okay, we know that sometimes implementing great study habits throughout the semester can actually be really hard, especially for those natural last-minute studiers among us. Hey – in real life as a lawyer, there are lots of situations when one must pull an all nighter, or prepare some legal advice under a tight deadline – so this type of time pressure can be a good training ground for your future. Being calm under pressure, and maintaining attention to detail, are some of the key skills required by lawyers.

For open book exams: If you are cramming for an open book exam and you don’t have much time, we recommend preparing at least a scaffold model answer in advance – even if it is just headings for the questions, and then try putting post-its on your textbooks and notes so that the detail is easily accessible to you in the exam room.

For closed book exams: Equally if it is a closed-book exam you are cramming for, prepare a scaffold model answer with dot points underneath each heading, and then use your preferred learning style (visual, verbal, reader/writer, physical) to memorise those key points before your exam. In the exam room, you can at least remember the key points, and then you can elaborate on those points using your amazing writing skills.

Essays/assignments: If you left an essay or research assignment till the last minute, your research and writing might need to be done at the same time, but we recommend you make a plan for how you will tackle the assignment and break it down into smaller tasks so you can complete the assignment within your timeframe. Failing to plan is planning to fail, as they say.

Now stop reading this blog and get back to the books!